Standard Comfort Pads

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Standard Comfort Pads

Mini Educator Comfort Pads replace the Contact Points and solve several issues from traditional style contact points.

Key Benefits

  • Provides more comfort for dogs
  • Helps prevent pressure necrosis
  • Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Provides smoother stimulation by spreading out the stimulation over a wider area
  • Perfect for dog's that are expected to wear the e-collar for longer periods of time

Comfort Pads come with 4 options:

Short - Designed for dog breeds with very short fur such as Boxers, Beagles, and Pitbulls.

Long - Designed for dog breeds with normal to longer fur length.

Short/Soft - Designed for dog breeds with shorter, softer fur such as Standard Poodles.

Long/Thick - Designed for dog breeds with long, thick fur and undercoats like Huskies and Shepards.

More Information
Manufacturer CodeCPAD-001-CP
BrandE-Collar Technologies
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More unique features of the ET 300 Mini Educator from E-Collar Technologies are

2 Dog System

The Mini Educator ET 300 e collar system is capable of training two dogs from one handheld remote. The built-in memory allows you to lock & set each dogs stimulation levels for a “no-look” operation.

Biothane Collar Strap Upgrade

The Bungee Quick Snap strap solves two issues. The Bungee loop provides a little “give” to make it more comfortable for your dogs and the Quick Snap lets you take the strap on and off much easier.

Comfort Adapter

The ET 300 Mini features comfort adapters which completely replace the contact points on the receiver. Instead of only two points making contact with your dog’s skin that adapter spreads the stimulation out over several points.

Additional Transmitter (2T)

By cloning the second transmitter to your ET 300 Mini Educator you and another person will be able to train and control one or two dogs at the same time or just have an additional remote for another location.

Contact Points

Included is the ⅝” and ¾” contact points that should work for most dogs with normal to longer fur length, however, you can add the ⅜” Micro points or 1″ points for dogs with longer fur.

Transmitter Belt Clip

Your ET 300 Mini Educator e collar comes with a lanyard to hang your remote around your neck, or some folks prefer to keep it in their pocket. The belt clip is great for folks that prefer to attach it to their belt or pants.