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Remote Dog Training E-Collar

Educator Mini ET-300

2 Dog System

The Mini Educator ET-300 system is capable of training two dogs from one handheld remote. The built-in memory allows you to lock & set each dogs stimulation levels for a “no-look” operation.

Biothane Strap Upgrade


The Bungee Quick Snap strap solves two issues. The Bungee loop provides a little “give” to make it more comfortable for your dogs and the Quick Snap lets you take the strap on and off much easier.

Comfort Adapter

Comfort adapters completely replace the contact points on the receiver. Instead of only two points making contact with your dog’s skin that adapter spreads the stimulation out over several points.

Additional Transmitter (2T)


By cloning the second transmitter you and another person will be able to train and control one or two dogs at the same time or just have an additional remote for another location.

Contact Points

Included is the ⅝” and ¾” contact points that should work for most dogs with normal to longer fur length, however, you can add the ⅜” Micro points or 1″ points for dogs with longer fur.

Transmitter Belt Clip


Your Mini Educator comes with a lanyard to hang your remote around your neck, or some folks prefer to keep it in their pocket. The belt clip is great for folks that prefer to attach it to their belt or pants.

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Additional Remote

Contact Points

Comfort Adapter

Belt Clip

Dog Training Made Simple & Easy


If you’re reading this copy right now, chances are that you’ve already done your research, seen the hundreds of 5-star reviews around the internet and already know that the Mini Educator ET-300 by E-Collar Technologies is by far the best remote dog training collar money can buy.


Because of its gentle, medical grade, static stimulation the Mini Educator is approved by veterinarians and dog behaviorist around the world and considered the most humane electronic dog training collar on the market.


Features & Specs


  • Ergonomic, stopwatch style remote that fits comfortably in your hand
  • 100 levels of medical grade stimulation similar to a TENS machine
  • Miniaturized receiver-collar weighing only 2.4 ounces
  • Vibration and Tone only warning features
  • Fully waterproof & submergeable to 500ft
  • Remote controlled night safety light
  • Impact proof to 5000 G’s

Customize Your System

The Mini Educator ET-300 is only one of several models manufactured by E-Collar Technologies but due to its popularity, we have decided to build its very own website. Now you can completely customize your Mini Educator from the ground up by selecting your favorite colors for your transmitter and collar straps.

ET-300 Accessories

You can select a 1 or 2 dog system, add an additional transmitter so that 2 people can train and control your dog(s) from separate remote controls and upgrade your Mini Educator with the super popular Bungee straps w/heavy duty metal quick release, add comfort adapters and a belt clip.

Customer Reviews

A Miracle!

The collar has worked like a charm. We are extremely happy and thrilled with how quickly it has trained our GSD. We were at our ropes end with getting him to behave. Now he is charming and well behaved. Even the tone gets results. Adults are beyond extremely happy. We have to admit that we were skeptical that it would work – no more.

Dennis R. - Verified Buyer

Absolutely Love It!

I shopped around quite a bit before settling on this one and I have no regrets. I have used this collar for well over a year with my dog and I absolutely love it. The toughness and versatility of this thing is amazing. On top of this, Educator really stands behind their collars with great customer service.

Seth G - Verified Buyer

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