Buy Safe - With Educator Collars

Dear Educator Collar Customers,

Safe Buy

Recently, we are seeing lots of non-authorized websites, eBay stores and Amazon "sellers" cropping up in Google ad's that are offering Educator Collar products at extremely low prices! We believe these websites are engaged in "phishing" that are designed to steal your personal information and credit card numbers (Identity Theft).

Above are just a few examples of these fake phishing websites offering Educator Collars in Google search results.

We are working to get these scam sites taken down by reporting them to Google, eBay, Amazon, and the appropriate authorities, and we want to advise our customers to be very careful when ordering Educator products online. In fact, if you see any prices that are lower than the prices on our website, they are not an authorized dealer and should be avoided.

We recommend purchasing Educator Collar products directly from us, or the manufacturer, E-Collar Technologies: - When you purchase from us or directly from the manufacturer your information is safe and your product is shipped directly from the factory in Garrett, Indiana.